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Above is me (in the middle) at the UKBFF Bodybuilding Competition South Coast 2013 

Me again on the right

Are you happy when you look at yourself in the mirror or a photo?

Do you wish that you performed and felt better? 

A year ago I started a new gym on my own. I was so nervous but I am so very glad I did, my results have been on the up since I started and such a friendly gym. I've lost a stone in weight and put on alot more muscle and gained sooooo much knowledge.  I'm so excited for the next year. Thankyou again Daniel James Parker couldn't of done it without you! And I'm still here to ask you a million questions, send you ingredients of food and my weigh ins, ask advice, moan ( a little 🤔) get frustrated and annoy you... all daily!! 😂 - Lucy Cornwell

"Hi Dan, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for guidance, help and support with my nutrition and training, all of which was invaluable to me. I really learnt so much and made huge improvements…... Speak soon, Kelly  Moorman. xxx

This is the most effective, energy, money and time saving way to get in shape (in my opinion!)

I can provide you with the information and encouragement you need to change the way you look and feel.  

"I wish I knew when I started what I know now!"

With over thirty years experience in this field, I have condensed my knowledge to create the most time effective, energy and money saving ways to get in shape. Let me be your mentor and you will benefit from my years of experience without you having to put in the years!

Over this period of time I have helped many people get in shape and through training myself over this time, I have discovered and developed the most effective training routine (working your muscles against resistance) and the most effective nutritional approach for getting in shape!

Even if you can only commit to training once per week (One hour!) whether your goal is to tone up or build muscle, I can still guarantee you results. Twice per week would be better and if wanting to work each area of your body then ultimately I recommend training just three times per week with my routine. That's only 3 hours per week for maximum results!

Thanks Dan for helping me achieve my goals and making new ones. Which I thought would be impossible due to extensive injuries from a motorbike accident. I highly recommend Dan to anyone that needs a personal trainer. He is at the top of his game -  Graham Parsons

The main advantage of having me train you is the motivation and positive pressure placed on you to put in more effort with eating the right foods and with the training, ensuring that the way you exercise is the most effective for maximum results.

Consuming the right nutrition will get you more results than the training alone! You will get more results from consistently eating the right foods than you will from the exercise (Read that sentence again!)

Nutrition is the biggest part of getting in shape and requires the most effort, supplying the body with what it needs (nutrients) 24/7 compared to exercising for just a few hours per week.

Who want's to restrict themselves of food, feel hungry and lacking energy!? No one right? Well you don't have too and shouldn't be! Many times I have had my clients start eating more food, more often and the right foods, achieving amazing results in terms of becoming leaner and more toned.

If you restrict yourself of food yes you will lose "weight" but that weight will not be body-fat. The weight loss will be mostly water, muscle and maybe some bodyfat.

Big thanks to Dan for helping me with my goals and achieving them, giving me tons of information with nutrition and keeping me motivated. I always recommend The Gym for anyone looking to start their fitness journey or looking to join a new gym! - Kalah Mccully

Most people have an idea of what's "healthy" food and what's not, however most people do not eat enough of the right types of food or regularly enough throughout the day and on a consistent basis. Again the same applies whether your goal is to tone up or build muscle.

I go into more detail re how and why this works when working with my clients but trust me - I have applied this knowledge to enough people including myself to know that it works and is the best way to get in shape.

If you kept your food intake the same as what it currently is and started training effectively you will get some results but the better the nutrition is to support your training the more results you will get.

The combination of the right training routine (toning the muscles by working them against resistance) together with the right nutrition (supplying the body with what it needs to recover and repair whilst lowering your body fat so that you can see the shape of the toned muscles) followed consistently for long enough is the secret to getting in shape.

Just want to thank you for sharing your experiences and advice with me and Ayden while you trained us for a week. It boosted my confidence by reinforcing my workout principles and greatly improved many of my techniques : ) I am relishing the GAINS! And next time will be sure to ask you even more obscure questions, haha. I highly recommend training with you to anyone serious about bodybuilding!  - Steven Woodford

You can avoid the most common mistakes that you are likely to make.

If you keep doing the same things that you have always done - you will only get the same results!

Stop wasting your precious time, energy and money!

I will help you to get the results you want, whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Do you want to lose weight?

Tone up and improve your shape?

Build muscle?


Improve your performance?

I have achieved great results from Dan's training in the past two months that are greater than those made over six+ months at my former gym in Covent Garden London. Dan is a great, calm, coach with a patience that gives you the confidence to continue to improve, week on week. I really look forward to my sessions and seeing how much I can improve and push myself to the shape I have always wanted.
Cheers Dan!

Jonathan Quayle.

Hey Dan just to let you know that since following that nutrition plan you did for me I've got some great results. And a seriously full fridge! Lol. Funny when I look at what I was eating compared to what I should have been! Thanks mate! – Andy Loaring

Online or on-site personal training available with free initial consultation

Whatever your goals I can guarantee results – or your money back!

This is the fast track way to get the results you desire.

Thank you for all your support the last 6 months with my training and nutrition. I feel stronger and leaner than I have ever felt before! The little chubby monster is gone!! I look forward to even more results this year with you. Thanks for being a supportive and understanding trainer!
- Jessica Choi

I can provide individual nutrition plans which are easy to follow and stick to.

Exercise programmes to suit your goals and lifestyle.

You will gain confidence and be happy with your reflection.

I can help motivate and support you to get the results you want and when you start seeing your results, there will be no stopping you as you gain more energy and confidence from looking and feeling better about yourself.

Alright Dan! Just wanted to say thanks again for all the help you gave me in getting me into the shape that I'm in now, couldn't be happier and you definitely saved me lots of trial and error. You're definitely the person to go to if anyone wants to get fit haha! Hope you're keeping well, see you soon mate.
- Caleb Murray
The fact that you are still reading this means that you already know what you want so go for it!

You have nothing to lose - apart from bodyfat!

This will be the start of a new improved happier you!

Routines designed to guarantee results whatever your lifestyle, time restraints, number of days you are able to fit exercise in, body-type, fitness level/standard, goals etc.

You will need to decide what your goals are and how many days/times per week realistically you will  definitely be able to commit to exercising each week and then a program will be tailored around this and to your goals (or I can advise you on how many times per week would be best for you and your goal).

1-1 in person Personal Training (workout advice & instruction with me) I train you each session - an appointment with me which can help you get to the gym and with me motivating you (not shouting at you) ensures that you get maximum out of each session and progression = results!

PT Prices:

Initial Consultation is FREE! Message for more details or to arrange

Online Coaching £100 per month which includes initial training & nutrition plan, weekly check-ins and reviews with support.  *message for more details

Price per one to one session - £20 (Discount for having multiple sessions per Week/Month) ie 3 sessions £45

Or Personal Instruction for two people training together at the same time - £15.00 each per one session 

Or I can design a program for you and your goals with the option of showing you how to do it initially and then you follow it on your own after that.

Or a written personally tailored exercise program without any gym instruction - £45

Tailored Nutrition Plan - £45

8 Week Course Diet & Exercise Plan to Lose 5-10lbs - £795 Limited time offer £495

8 Week Course to gain 5 - 10lbs of Muscle - £795 Limited time offer £495

12 Week Total Body Transformation Packages available (which are just that - completely transform your body in only 12 Weeks with me telling you exactly what to do and helping you all the way to a new you) With unlimited access to asking any questions - £997.00  Limited time offer price of £750

Competition Prep help and guidance is also available - covering every aspect from Training and Nutrition, Supplementation, Posing, Critique, opinions etc.

 Via on-line or in person.

If after having followed my advise you don't get results towards your goal -
I will refund your money!

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