Some more Testimonials

Liam Harris

It's crazy, I've trained for years and thought I was eating and training correctly, and you managed to get me in the best shape I've ever been in, at 30 within 2 months. Many thanks mate.

Celeb Murray

Hi, my name is Caleb Murray and I am a 20 year old student at the University of Bath. I joined The Gym in June 2012 to try and improve my physical and mental health and I made great progress by gaining 2 stone, moving from 70kg’s to 84kg’s in 6 months. This is in no small part due to the great environment that The Gym promotes and the friendly and approachable attitude Dan encourages.

In April 2013 I made the decision to lose as much of the fat I had accrued from my initial stages of lifting through trying a ketogenic diet. Over a 2 month period I lost 10 kg’s, moving down to 74kg’s, which I was incredibly pleased with. In terms of my physical performance and what the diet entails however I came to the conclusion that, whilst the diet did work for me personally, it was not sustainable in the long run and the results were not as good as I would have liked.

Over my summer break from university from June 2013 to September 2013 I decided to try a different approach. I had taken a break from the gym for a few weeks, in which period I had moved back up to 80kg’s, and wanted to lose the fat I had gained. Through consulting with Dan on numerous occasions he helped me fine tune my diet and what exactly was required for me lose as much fat as possible whilst retaining muscle. By September I had managed to get down to 72kg’s and was very pleased with the results.

I can say this with great confidence that without Dan’s help I would not have been able to achieve what I did in that time frame and am very grateful for his help. He is an incredibly knowledgeable individual with over 20 years’ experience so, regardless of what your goals are, Dan Parker is the person you need to go to!

All the best to you Dan, cheers mate.

Martin Dell

Hi my name's Martin Dell and I am the head instructor at Isle of Wight Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA Academy. As a martial artist and competitor in combat sports I know it's important to when entering competition that you do so at a weight category where you can perform at your best. I found on cutting down to a particular weight class I was struggling with maintaining my energy levels during intense training sessions while making weight and was worried about maintaining muscle while dropping body fat. On the recommendation from students and training partners who train at The Gym, I got in contact with Dan Parker and explained to him what my weight loss goals were along with my weekly training routine and current diet.

Dan advised me on the adjustments that I needed to make and tailored a diet plan for me to follow in order to make my weight loss goals. I found Dan to be friendly, professional and highly knowledgeable on the subject of diet and nutrition. By following his advice I found that losing the remaining weight far easier than I expected and managed to maintain energy levels throughout my workouts which made the weight cut far less stressful and more enjoyable. On the day of my MMA and Submission Grappling competition I was able to perform at my best and feel great at that weight.

I highly recommend anyone looking to reach their weight loss and performance goals to seek out Dan's expert advice!

Clint Oliver

My name is Clint Oliver and I have been training on and off for a number of years. In 2009 I decided to get in shape with the idea of competing as a natural athlete which led me to the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation (BNBF). In 2010 I set out my pre contest diet for 16 weeks to achieve the low body fat required and to maintain my muscle mass as much as possible. I placed 5th in the novice catorgary much to my disappointment, but plain and simply I was out muscled although I had achieved my best ever physique.

After my first show I made the decision to return to the stage in 2011 with a new game plan. After many consultations and help with fellow bodybuilder and gym owner Dan Parker I managed to put a diet strategy together which helped me achieve 2nd Place in the Novice Class qualifying for the British Finals in Glasgow on september 18th. I have achieved a life time dream through the help of Dan and am now totally hooked in Competitive Natural Bodybuilding...

Scott Gardener 

• Competition Results to Date:

• South coast surfing champion 1988 1990 1993 1998

• British Youth Windsurfing wave Champion

• British Windsurfing Wave Champion 7 times

• British Open windsurfing Wave Champion 6 times

• Fast net Record on Boomerang

• Sydney To Hobart 3rd Place on the Wild thing

• British S.U.P. Champion 2008 2009

Since the age of sixteen I have been competing in surfing and Windsurfing. Before this I trained at a national level in swimming. The whole of my life I have been involved in water sports. In Between competing I used "The Gym" to maintain my fitness to help achieve my goals.

Dan Parker (Personal Trainer and Owner of  "The Gym") provided me with all my programs and dietary needs that made it possible for me to keep focused on my goals.

Dave House:

My name is Dave House and I am 38 years old. I joined The Gym to help me with my personal goals to lose weight and try to get in shape. Initially I was a little apprehensive about joining a Gym but when I went along and met Dan Parker and saw the superb equipment and clean, tidy, welcoming environment at The Gym I knew this was just the place I needed to go.

Dan was very friendly and spent time listening to my personal goals and aspirations and explained to me in a positive and encouraging way exactly what I could do to achieve them. Dan created a personal nutrition plan for me and a training schedule which targeted the areas I wanted to try and improve. I still have a little way to go but with Dan’s encouragement, help and expert advice I’m on the way to achieving my goals. I definitely feel so much better since I joined.

At my heaviest (first photo's above) I weighed 28 stone 9lbs! at a height of 6ft 2inches.

The next photo's show me down to a weight of 20 stone 5lbs!

I am still aiming to improve further, watch this space!

Cheers for all your help and encouragement Dan, it’s much appreciated,

Best regards


Martin Godden:


I'm Martin Godden.

When I retired from work I realised that it was important to try and maintain a good standard of health and fitness so I decided to make an effort to go to a gym on a regular basis.

I was a little nervous at first as I thought it would be intimidating particularly because of my age.

I joined The Gym run by Dan Parker and immediately felt relaxed and welcomed.What impressed me the most apart from the spaciousness and cleanliness was that Dan made every person feel at home with no distinction between their age sex or standard of fitness.

I had read somewhere that one of the problems with aging is a rapid decline in physical strength which can lead to a similar mental decline.

I discussed this with Dan who said that this was not necessarily the case and that with correct training and diet physical strength can be maintained despite the aging process. He suggested I start a strength training programme. This went so well that with Dan's help and encouragement I started entering Masters Powerlifting competitions and am still going strong (pun intended!) at age 66

To date I have won three world championships in single events, five British titles in the same and

British and European titles in full power events together with three British records

The best I can say is that with the support and encouragement of someone like Dan it is never too late in life to achieve your personal fitness goals.